How to login to new cmbmail

  1. 1. Open your favorite web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox etc..)
  2. 2. Go to the address bar on the browser and type
        "" and hit “ENTER”
  3. 3. Now you will see the login interface of the Gmail (Standard login
        page for the Gmail).
    •       a. Enter your mail address in Email field
    •       b. Enter your password in Password field
    •       c. Hit “Enter” or click “Sign in” button
  4. 4. If you login for the first time you will be asked to change the
        password. Enter a new strong password that cannot guess others
        and you must remember it to login to the gmail.
       (How to create strong password)
  5. 5. Now you can access your mails.

Login to gmail

Old cmbmail

  • -> Do not use this mail system to send emails.
  • -> You will not be able to send or receive any Emails from this account
        but you can view your old emails using this account by 18th August
  • -> Please use new Google mail system to send and receive your email.
  • -> Your existing email address will not be changed.

For technical support

Mr. Nipuna Suduwella
Asst. Network Manager
Nerwork Operations Centre
Office: 0112055497

Login to old mail

Transferring official cmbmail to google mail

University of Colombo in the process of obtaining Google mail comercial package to staff and students in order to provide an effiient & effective service. With this service users can enjoy following facilities.

  • -> Gmail : Email service with capacity of 30GB per user.
  • -> Handout : Voice, Video calls and Video conferencing for collaborative education.
  • -> Calendar : Scheduling events and teams.
  • -> Drive : Store, Share and Synchronize your data.
  • -> Docs : Real time word processing.
  • -> Sheets : Powerful spread sheet.
  • -> Sites : Easy web sites for teams.
  • -> Freedom to work from anywhere.
  • -> Business-grade security and control.
  • -> Reduce paperworks.